This Week's Scripture

"Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it." Deuteronomy 7:26

This Week's Prayer!

We invite Your Holy Spirit to dwell in these rooms, which belongs to Henry, Anthony, Zoƫ, Asa, Rose, Grace, and Elijah, and in Heidi, Angel, and Angela's room. You are Lord over heaven and earth, and we proclaim that You are Lord over their rooms as well. Flood it with Your light and life. We pray that You, Lord, will make their rooms a holy place, sanctified for Your glory. And may You also dwell in our room and in each one of our extended family and friend's rooms.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Birthday Fun!!

Thanks to all who sent birthday cards and emails, singing to me via phone! via blog comments (I did hear it, Susan!!) I had a great birthday and day before! Saturday, me and the girls and Elijah went to the mall with my Mom to have a "girls" coffee experience at CC's. The girls had hot chocolate! They loved being "big" girls with Grandmother CC and me! Mom then took them to the play area while I shopped for a birthday shirt! We then ate and the girls rode the carousel. The way home was very quiet! They were tired!
And yesterday, I woke up to everybody telling me Happy Birthday and handing me birthday cards! I love all my cards! We went to church, saw our surprise vacation video on the big screen in church (boy, I was a little chunky monkey!!) Then after church My Man surprised me with lunch at Deanie's in New Orleans! I had my camera but forgot to take it out! We then wobbled to the van and went sight seeing for the rest of the day! We drove over the Causeway bridge which I was told is the longest bridge in the world! We drove through Mandiville, Madisonville, and all the other small towns down Highway 22. We did stop at a camper store to look at them. One day we would like to have a family camper! Before we got home we bought a strawberry shortcake and went home, sang Happy Birthday, ate cake and told the children to go run and get rid of all their energy!!

It was a TERRIFIC Birthday!!


MorningSong said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!! What a great Birthday!!

Penless Thoughts said...

I'm so happy to hear it was truly a wonderful, Happy Birthday and now the beach trip coming up to look forward to. Wonderful.

Glad you heard me he he!!