This Week's Scripture

"Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it." Deuteronomy 7:26

This Week's Prayer!

We invite Your Holy Spirit to dwell in these rooms, which belongs to Henry, Anthony, Zoƫ, Asa, Rose, Grace, and Elijah, and in Heidi, Angel, and Angela's room. You are Lord over heaven and earth, and we proclaim that You are Lord over their rooms as well. Flood it with Your light and life. We pray that You, Lord, will make their rooms a holy place, sanctified for Your glory. And may You also dwell in our room and in each one of our extended family and friend's rooms.

Friday, March 30, 2007


I am up to my eyeballs in poo woo at our household. I had five in diapers but now I am down to four in diapers and my two year old uses the BigT (Toilet) far more than my almost four year old. Well last night I put my foot down when littleA decided he could care less whether a big ol mushy poowoo was in his pullups for an hour or so. YUK! While I was changing him, and this one took at least ten wipes, I decided that this will be the day that he WILL start wearing big boy underwear. So last night I pulled out the SpiderMan underwear and told him he had no choice but to learn how to use the BigT. Today is our first day and we are three hours into no pullups. We'll see how he does.

1 comment:

Louisiana Lady said...

Yeah, no poowoo, or pee pee pants to change. LOL, will keep fingers crossed.
Have you ever stopped to wonder if there ever will be a time when you won't have a diaper in your house. Hmmmm, well can't see that happening any time soon.