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"Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it." Deuteronomy 7:26

This Week's Prayer!

We invite Your Holy Spirit to dwell in these rooms, which belongs to Henry, Anthony, Zoë, Asa, Rose, Grace, and Elijah, and in Heidi, Angel, and Angela's room. You are Lord over heaven and earth, and we proclaim that You are Lord over their rooms as well. Flood it with Your light and life. We pray that You, Lord, will make their rooms a holy place, sanctified for Your glory. And may You also dwell in our room and in each one of our extended family and friend's rooms.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rose's Kindergarten Graduation and Asa finishes 1st Grade!

the Kindergarten graduates: Rose and Mia!

your time is coming Annalyce! :)

Awww! Rose, you are so beautiful!

Jill and beautiful Mia!

Mia with her class

Ethan with his class

Asa with his class. Can you spot our little man? :)

Elijah being very good :) Thanks, Jill, for all the mints!

Asa walking after getting his name called for having Honor Roll.
He walked so fast that it was hard to get a good picture of him.

Mia got a stand-out for overall something.
I forgot what it was for but we are so proud of her.

Poppy giving Rose some roses!

Wonderful Mrs. Salemi with Rose. What a God-send of teachers we had for our children!
Mrs. Pilgrim was Asa's wonderful God-send teacher!!
and Mrs. Mary Beth was Zoë's

Noooooo Elijah is not throwing a fit at all! ;)

The sweet family :)

Rose and Asa finished the school year strong! We are so proud of both of them! Asa finished the 1st grade as an Honor Roll student. Great job, son!! Rose finished Kindergarten and learned so much! Great job, Rose! Poppy and I are so proud of you both and love you so much! Also, Mia graduated Kindergarten too and Ethan finished 2nd grade! We love you too Ethan and Mia! Great job!

Above are mostly Rose's Kindergarten graduation and Mia's. Asa's class and Ethan's class were there but the main focus was the Kindergarteners in their cap and gown.

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jajbs said...

what beautiful children!! i am so proud of Rose- she worked so hard and is so blessed to have you and tommy as her parents- y'all are great! please tell her that mrs. salemi misses seeing her smiling face each morning and her sweet stories about disney! have a great summer!