This Week's Scripture

"Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it." Deuteronomy 7:26

This Week's Prayer!

We invite Your Holy Spirit to dwell in these rooms, which belongs to Henry, Anthony, Zoƫ, Asa, Rose, Grace, and Elijah, and in Heidi, Angel, and Angela's room. You are Lord over heaven and earth, and we proclaim that You are Lord over their rooms as well. Flood it with Your light and life. We pray that You, Lord, will make their rooms a holy place, sanctified for Your glory. And may You also dwell in our room and in each one of our extended family and friend's rooms.

Monday, June 8, 2009

We love our garden!

Can you believe it?!!!!! Finally we have a garden! We LOVE IT!!!!! We have been eating the squash..... fried squash! Tomorrow we will have some cucumbers ready to pick and eat which Asa has been waiting patiently for. The beans are coming slowly but not as slow as the okra. The lettuce we have to say was yuk! I must have bought the wrong kind because the two I bought has a bite to it when you swallow. So what kind do I buy?

Grampa is giving Anthony a lesson in picking the sucker plants while we all admire the garden! I can't believe we did not do this a long time ago!!


sugarlady said...

I love the fact that Grampa can help to teach the kids about growing things. It's exciting to watch as the plants grow and produce the bounty.
Suggestion, dig up the lettuce and plant a couple of bell peppers, it's not to late.

Cuzn said...

The garden certainly produced quickly ! - - It's beautiful. What wonderful memories ya'll are making - - grandma and grandpa giving lessons to the little kids about cultivating a garden - - Memories to last forever - -My grandma taught me how to cultivate a garden - -I only wish I'd been more attentive :-)
Luv ya'll -

Carey said...

It looks great!

the Michel's said...

The fried squash was yummy, and your cucumbers were excellent!! Throw them our way anytime! Cute pixs!!