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"Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it." Deuteronomy 7:26

This Week's Prayer!

We invite Your Holy Spirit to dwell in these rooms, which belongs to Henry, Anthony, Zoƫ, Asa, Rose, Grace, and Elijah, and in Heidi, Angel, and Angela's room. You are Lord over heaven and earth, and we proclaim that You are Lord over their rooms as well. Flood it with Your light and life. We pray that You, Lord, will make their rooms a holy place, sanctified for Your glory. And may You also dwell in our room and in each one of our extended family and friend's rooms.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Asa!

Well, today is just such a special day on so many levels!!!!! First, our first son, Asa, is 5 years old today! Five years ago today God placed Asa in our arms and I cannot express in words the overwhelming love I had for him that moment!! We had been infertile for five years, crying out to God for a child. God took us on a journey in those five years: one of definite faith! During those five years we were asked by God to trust Him with multiplying our family. In short, we stopped fertility treatments and took heed to His voice and started praising Him for the children he would give us even though we could not see it with our natural eyes how He was going to do this. Through the meeting of the woman who birthed him and going through the emotional highs and lows of "are we actually going to get to adopt this baby", God stretched our faith like it had never been stretched before! We were present throughout the entire pregnancy and on April 8, 2003, we experienced God in action! Words do no justice in describing the miracle of adoption and the beauty of finally holding our son!!!!! I have birthed and adopted and I promise they are both miracles!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Asa! Your name means Healer and God knew you came as His promise to heal our broken spirit of desiring a child!! I know and continue to pray that we were just the first God used for you to heal and we can't wait to see the many others He has chosen for you to bring His healing to!!!!! You are such an amazing little boy and you bring us so much joy! Thank you, Lord, for this most precious gift! Thank You that You heard and answered! Glory to You, Lord Jesus! You alone are so good!!!!!


Bobbie said...

I cant believe it has already been 5 years! Look at how your life has changed in those 5 years!!

Happy Birthday Asa!

Penless Thoughts said...

Happy Birthday, Asa. How wonderful that his name means healer.

I love this statement
I have birthed and adopted and I promise they are both miracles!!!!!
That is so wonderful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! Hope you have a great day!

MorningSong said...

Happy Birthday Asa! I so remember this journey for you and your family! I remember how after He answered your heart's cry that your life was transformed in an amazing way so quickly! Talk about an abundance of rain! He rained children down on you until you began to overflow. What a fantastic thing to remember! It reminds me that with God - what seems dry and dead is overflowing with life. It is just hidden for a season!

Much love and much blessing to you and your family as you celebrate the joy of the START of your many miracles. The day you and Tommy were honored with the title of Mommy and Daddy!

Love you girl!

FeatherIron said...

That made me tear up.

8 kids in five years, wow, ya'll have been stretched for sure.

God is good, he is using all your experiences to help others and it is a blessing to be around.

Happy B-day Asa!

sugarlady said...

Happy Birthday to our second Grandson, but not the last. What a great little boy you are. The joy you bring to so many people is awesome. You are growing up so fast. Have a most wonderful day,
Love you, Grandma and Grampa Poche'

AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

Thanks to each of you for your Happy Birthdays to Asa!! :)